Frequently Asked Questions

For Short Term Rental services


Frequently Asked Questions

And Answers for the Short Term Rental and Reservation Management services Airbrb, Booking, Vrbo, Tripadvisor, Expedia, agoda and others.

What is Airbnb?

It is the biggest platform on the whole internet to rent a place (from a room or a house to a castle or a building) for a few days and to find a place to stay all over the world. There are other similar search platforms, but Airbnb has over 90% of the global market, and is the best known. The owner lists his house on Airbnb, sets the price he wants per night so that his house can be used, contacts potential guests, the reservations are agreed upon and when the guests arrive the agreed amount is credited to the bank account he has declared. Each platform has its own terms and conditions of cooperation and standards vary.

On these channels you can find available for rent from castles and villas to tree houses. The main conditions for the success of a listing are its proper management, the cleanliness of the place, the good location and the amenities it offers to its guests among others.

Why should I rent my home on Airbnb or other Short Term Rental platforms?

There are more than 900,000 sites in 190 countries rented on it, and over 50% of the bookings are already made in Europe. And of course, because it can bring in a supplementary income to the owners.

What do I need to do?

Initially all you need to do is contact cycladesbnb. You will receive personalized assessments and advice from our team about your space, its potential, and any needs. Once you agree with cycladesbnb, you simply welcome the guests and collect the profits from the rentals!

In which areas do you manage short term rentals?

Our company is already active in several islands of Cyclades, Dodecanese and Central Greece mainly for accommodation for visitors or travelers. Of course our company can serve other areas of Greeece and offer unique experiences to your visitors from all over the world.

Key Points:

  • Any property operating on online platforms such as Airbnb must be registered in the Register of Short-Term Properties and receive a so-called AMA number, which will be publicly displayed on the online platforms.
  • The registration in the Register must be made by the person (private individual or company) who is considered the Property Manager of the property. If this is not the owner, then there must be a lease relationship between the owner and the other person. If you work with us in the management, we will enter into a lease that while leaving us to maintain the percentage relationship between us in the income (75% – 25%), it will also allow our company to register the property with the Registry and you will be relieved of the responsibility and work of these procedures.
  • The Property Manager must declare to the Registry the stays made at the property (by the 20th of the month following the day of departure).
  • There are no restrictions on the days a property can be operated (e.g. 90 days), as long as each reservation is up to 60 days, on the annual income the owner can receive (e.g. 12,000 euros).But he can sell 2 properties as owner, otherwise he needs to initiate a company.
  • Income from short-term leases is taxed in the same way as income from long-term leases (up to 12,000 at 15%, from 12,000 to 35,000 at 35% and from 35,000 and above at 45%).

There is no special approval or permission from the EOT or other agency that an owner must get to start a short-term rental. The only obligation is to register in the Register or to assign (through a lease) to another person who will be registered in the Register.

At the same time, the management of Airbnb accommodation & booking requires the timely payment of guest data to the information system (TaxisNet) of the tax authorities. The submission of booking details is required and in case of non-reporting there are penalties against the owner.

At the same time, in managing Airbnb accommodation & booking it is important to have a specific accountant who has the central management, for this reason cycladesbnb, can offer and put you in contact with its partner accountants to discuss with them anything additional you may need as clarifications.

Is there a limit to the amount of time I can rent my property through Airbnb?

Our website allows us to easily communicate and collaborate with you on important issues such as scheduling and the length of your property rental period.

In short, you tell us about your management preferences and we tell our system. Ideally, of course, the property should be rented out as much as possible in order to increase its income.


Cycladesbnb is the ideal solution for anyone who wishes to increase bookings and the price of a night’s stay in their accommodation or to rent their property on a short-term basis and retain the flexibility to stay in it on a regular basis if they wish.

How much does it cost to subscribe to your management services?

It’s absolutely free. 0 €. Nothing. We are paid a small percentage, depending on the service package you choose and ONLY when there is a reservation. That’s why you have nothing to lose by choosing us.

How do you ensure the security of my property?

The safety of your property is our priority. Both we and Airbnb itself have taken care of that. On the one hand, your property is covered by Airbnb’s guarantee up to $1,000,000. On the other hand, our company has ensured that, there is always constant communication for the ”screening” of clients to meet a satisfactory tenant profile. In defining the profile we also take into account your wishes.

How will I get paid?

Depending on our final agreement. If you are paid by the platforms, at the end of each month you pay us our commission. If we are paid by the platforms, then as soon as we receive the money, we deduct our percentage and the platform commissions, and the balance is transferred to your account the next day, and a service receipt is sent to your email. In short… from 24 hours to 5-7 days. The choice is yours.

How will I know when and to whom my property will be rented?

We provide full transparency of your property management. The owners of the properties that choose to work with us have full access to the owners’ portal and therefore to the property’s rental calendar, so that they can be informed at any time about the profile of the visitors.

What if I want to terminate the property management partnership?

You can cancel the management service according to the terms of the contract you have signed, whenever you wish, as long as you first contact us so that we can take care of all the necessary procedures.

Can I set my own rules on my property?

Of course! Let us know your rules and after we discuss them we will post them on your property profile, if you wish.

Can I choose to rent only certain specific areas of the property?

Sure. As long as this is made clear in the description of the property to be rented and since the use of the other non-rented spaces does not directly affect the guests, then you inform us of your wishes and we follow them faithfully.

How do you improve the visibility of my accommodation?

With cycladesbnb you increase your visibility drastically but also qualitatively. We start by listing your accommodation on the world’s major booking channels and provide you with an optional fully functional booking system. The essential advantage, however, is not so much the number of channels on which you are promoted as the quality of your presence on each of them. With specialized SEO tools we drastically improve the ranking and visibility of your listings across all channels.

Who decides on the pricing of my property?

The decision on the pricing of the space is always made in cooperation with you! We provide you with comprehensive guidance and advice (taking into account local competition) using professional tools and methods that have proven to be highly effective in optimizing and giving the best financial results for your property. To keep control of the price, you can set, a minimum price per season.

How are the prices set?

You give us a minimum price per period and we set all prices above that. We use pricing algorithms and continuous adjustment to maximize revenue, always taking the maximum possible daily rate!

Among the thousands of accommodation in Greece, how will mine stand out?

Our company stands out among many others, thanks to the methodical approach, the excellent knowledge and the passion of our team and our experienced partners for the highest quality and most memorable stay of our guests. Paying attention to every detail, we make sure, in consultation with our partners and the property owners themselves, that your place receives the best possible promotion. All of the above will give you the platform to stand tall in the “competition” and the demands of the short-term rental market.

Who is responsible for communication with visitors?

We take care of the communication with the visitors if you have entrusted us with the management of your property. We answer directly and professionally to all their questions. We communicate directly (24/7) with them to facilitate their arrival and stay in your property. By entrusting us with guest communication you ensure a professional and prompt service to your tenants, resulting in good reviews and consequently an increase in bookings for your property.

How do you promote the properties?

Your properties are promoted through the official websites of our company and reservations are made directly from the booking engine of our site. In addition, promotion is also achieved through the platforms on which your properties are posted, through which interested guests can book directly.

How is the Reservations Management done?

We have constant communication with every guest, from booking to departure. We manage your online reservations and payments, keep all the necessary details of your guests, answer all messages from interested customers and current bookings around the clock, and do everything to maximize your revenue!

Can I make my own bookings?

You always have the possibility to make your own reservations without any limitation, so that by working with us you can earn extra bookings at higher average nightly rates!

How do you secure reservations for my space?

Our team of expert partners is constantly working to list your property on over 13 international online platforms, manage and update the listings by synchronizing all your calendars, monitor and inform you of fluctuations in requests and respond promptly to questions and requests regarding your listing, always aiming for as many bookings and good reviews as possible.

I already have listing(s) on Airbnb. Can you take them over?

Of course we can, regardless of whether you already have a listing on Airbnb or another short term rental platform. If you wish to work with us, just contact us, hand over the keys of your listing and we will then manage it according to the service package you have chosen with us.

How to deliver a listing that I may already have in a short term rental platform?

Just send us your login codes, or if you’re not comfortable with that then just change your account email on the platform you’re using to one we’ll give you. We then change the password so we can manage your account inquiries and we automatically and instantly forward all the mail we receive back to your email as well.
Alternatively, we can, if you wish, create a new separate listing for your home on a CYCLADESBNB account and deactivate (for the duration of our partnership) yours.

I have more than one property. Can I put them all in?

The answer to this question is up to 2 you can as a private person (in Greece). The maximum number of properties to be placed on such platforms is limited to TWO, for each number of VAT numbers. From the 3rd property onwards you need to start a company. CYCLADESBNB can, in cooperation with your accountant, help you.

Are there any requirements that a house/room must meet for CYCLADESBNB to take over?

CYCLADESBNB only takes on houses, villas, appartments or accommodation facilities. In order for us to take over the management of a site and for it to be a successful tourist operation, certain minimum standards must be met. See what the minimum standards are for us to take over your property. Click here. If not all requirements are met for specific reasons, you can still ask us so we can find a solution.

What are the specifications for bed linen and towels?

Before we take over the management of a house, it must have some essentials. As far as bed linen and towels are concerned, the specifications are as follows:
For each bed:

  • 4 double white 100% cotton sheets
  • For as many X4 pillows as there are pillowcases, white 100% cotton pillowcases
  • 1 blanket & 1 duvet
    For the bathroom:
  • 4 bath mats
  • For each person: 6 cotton face towels, monochrome, at least 550g.
  • For each person: 6 cotton hand towels, plain cotton, at least 550g.
    You need enough pieces so that the change of bed linen is done immediately especially on days when there is both Check-out and Check-in so that you don’t waste time washing and your guests are left unhappy.
How do you ensure a high ranking of my accommodation in the search list?

Each platform rewards specific homes so that they appear higher in the search list. By using a specialised program we ensure that all the requirements are met on each platform so that it appears in the highest possible position.
We login/logout automatically and daily on all platforms, updating calendars multiple times a day and daily, and responding in less than an hour to all visitors and anything they ask us. At the same time, we do not cancel bookings and use specialized tools for search engine optimization. Rest assured!

In which languages do you communicate with prospective guests?

Currently in English and Greek but more languages will be available soon.

How do you evaluate the prospective guest?

In most listings and channels we enable the ‘Instant Book’ option which means that there is no visitor rating. The reason we choose instant book is because it improves the SEO of your property and appears higher up in the listings increasing bookings. However, if you would like us to evaluate your visitors then we disable this option but you should be aware that it will reduce the frequency of your listing and your bookings.
The rating is done on a per guest basis by checking their relationship with previous hosts and the reviews they have received. Also whether he has an ID verified account, whether he has linked his social media to his account and whether he has an up-to-date profile.

Do you also take care of the reviews for my guests?

We want you to be as comfortable as possible, so we take care of this part as well as everything related to public responses to their reviews about your property and their stay in it.

How long do you take to answer visitors’ questions?

Almost all channels set a maximum response time of 24 hours from the submission of a query by a prospective visitor to your home. The faster a question is answered, the better for your home, since according to the algorithms of most channels speed is rewarded with better visibility and positioning of your home in the listings, but also because according to statistics the chances of an interested party booking your home increases dramatically the faster they receive the answer.
We respond in less than an hour and many times within minutes of submitting the query!

How will I know when my accommodation has a reservation?

When a reservation is made, CYCLADESBNB will automatically send you a same day report with all the information and details you need. This includes, the name of the guest and how many people will be, the day of check-in and check-out, the net amount you earn from the booking, the percentage of the service you receive from us, depending on the service package you have chosen from us and some instructions on how to properly prepare the house and service the booking.

Do I need an EOT (Hellenic Ministry of Tourism) permit?

The law has now been changed to comply with a European directive. Now anyone can rent their home online through a residential rental without an EEA licence. However, as CYCLADESBNB does not provide legal or accounting advice it is advisable to contact your accountant or for more details or your local EOT office.

How is the cooperation between us guaranteed?

After you decide on the services you want and we explain to you exactly the nature of the services we provide, we send you the cooperation contract. This outlines the work, terms of cooperation, services, limitations and conditions of each party. The contract is not binding as to the duration of the cooperation. You can change services whenever you wish or terminate the relationship between us whenever you wish.

How can I keep my space to myself if I don’t want my house to be rented out for a few days?

No problem, just give us a few days’ notice so that we can enter the dates you want as unavailable in the booking calendar. As long, of course, as long as there are no reservations already scheduled for the same days. In this case the reservations cannot be cancelled. The sooner you notify us the better.

How do you set the booking prices per night of my home? Can I intervene?

The price of a house is influenced by many factors, including the location, the condition and quality of the house, the amenities and equipment offered to your guests, how many people it can accommodate per night, the competition, the reviews and much more. By taking all of the above into account, along with our experience and based on scientific tools, we formulate prices in a dynamic way and always strive to get you as many reservations as possible at the best possible price per night.
But if you want to set the price yourself or set a minimum price for your venue, you can do so. Just let us know your pricing policy along with any other details you give us about your property.

Who communicates with visitors? Do you use your name or mine when communicating with prospective guests?

The communication is done by us, We send messages or e-mails to guests as soon as they make a reservation and also just before they start their stay. By allowing us to handle communication, you ensure that any request or instruction from guests will be handled by the appropriate people at CYCLADESBNB.
If you want us to answer your prospective guests’ questions under your own name is something we can do. However, we have noticed however that it is better if we introduce ourselves under the name of the respective manager of our company that has taken over your home and under the name of CYCLADESBNB explaining to your guests that we are helping you in the proper and organized management of your home.
In this way, most of the time your guest feels more comfortable, since he knows that he is supported by a professional service and can freely ask any questions he may have and rest assured that his reservation and his stay in your house will be handled with the standards set by the sharing economy community.

Does the percentage you are requesting include the percentage requested by each channel/platform?

No, as each channel has a different pricing policy, so it is difficult to introduce our rate from the beginning. Some platforms don’t charge the owner anything, but don’t charge the visitor while some third parties charge the whole rate to the owner. The channel charge starts from 0% and in some cases it goes up to 15%-20%.
However, we take the minimum price per booking night that you have set and on top of that we add the channel’s percentage so that the final amount is always at the minimum you want. We do this process for each channel individually along with daily monitoring of the market and dynamically increasing/decreasing the price of your booking to make it competitive.
For example, if you have a minimum booking price per night of 50€ and a channel charges a 15% rate for each booking we set the price at 60€. So the amount after deducting the percentage the channel charges is just over 50€.

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