Property Listing on Airbnb, Booking and other short term rental platforms

Create a Listing or optimise an existing listing

Creating a Listing and Training on Platform Management

Create an Airbnb Listing or Listing

Creation of a professional optimized Listing for Short Term Rentals and Accommodation on,, TripAdvisor, Expedia and other networks.

We list your property or accommodation in the appropriate channels and create a comprehensive presentation of your property, aiming for maximum occupancy and a higher price per night throughout the season, even in low demand months.

What We Do

Listing Creation

Registration of the property on the Short Term Rental Platforms by filling in all the necessary details.

Listing optimization

With best practices we optimize the Listing for more bookings, impressions and higher prices.


Writing of listing texts and professional translation into other languages.

Property Photoshooting

Professional photoshooting for highlighting the property, video creation and Drone shots.

The Short Term Rental Platforms we specialise in


Create a Listing or Optimize your own

The short-term rental platforms Airbnb, and others have been booming in recent years as they let thousands of property owners use them and earn extra income by renting them on Airbnb and while at the same time hundreds of thousands of guests can travel everywhere and enjoy holidays or short stays at affordable prices all over Greece.

These platforms, however, have rules for creating a listing and managing it. CYCLADESBNB takes care of:

  • Listing the Property on Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, Vrbo, Expedia, Agoda and other platforms,
  • The optimization of the listing in order to have better search results (Search Engine Optimization),
  • Posting photos in the correct size and resolution,
  • Copywriting and professional translation into other languages,
  • The Airbnb & promotion strategy,
  • Synchronizing calendars between Airbnb and Booking to avoid double bookings,
  • The e-Management of your property/accommodation if you wish
  • The management of bookings with mobile application,
  • Monitoring and replying to emails and messages

and more, in order to get more bookings at a higher nightly rate.

Listing a property on Airbnb, Booking and other short term rental platforms is an important process, which must be implemented by following certain necessary steps.

Listing in detail the amenities/amenities that a property can offer and capturing them properly in the listing texts are the two elements that make property listing a very meticulous process.

It is important for the owner to be aware that on the platforms the property listing must make clear the type of property the host is offering. More specifically, there are (3) main categories of properties:

  1. Shared rooms: Guests can share the entire space with the owner or others and not have a private room to themselves.
  2. Private rooms: Guests can share some areas of the property with the owner (e.g. kitchen, living room, bathroom) and have their own private room to themselves.
  3. Whole houses / apartments: Guests can rent the entire space and not share it with the owner or anyone else.

The Booking property listing and the Airbnb property listing will contain all the information that the visitor needs in order to be motivated to choose the property over another competing property. More specifically, visitors are looking for comprehensive listings in which they will find details such as: Amenities, property description, location description, safety rules, general rules of use, local rules and/or laws (e.g., quiet hours), arrival and departure information, and more.

In and Airbnb property listings, high-resolution and high-quality photos are required, as well as a proper and memorable title of the listing.

Taking these details into consideration CYCLADESBNB creates your account and prepares the entire property booking & airbnb property listing.

If you already have an account, CYCLADESBNB checks the optimization possibilities and implements them.

Need help with Airbnb,

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Airbnb Listing Services

  • Property evaluation
  • Consultation for optimising the visibility of your property
  • Create an Airbnb® listing and determine the best price for your short term rental based on specific criteria
  • Professional photoshooting for better promotion of the property
  • Decoration suggestions from partners-interior architects
  • Create a® listing and determine the best price for your short term rental based on specific criteria
  • Create listing on other platforms such as Tripadvisor®, Expedia®, agoda® etc.
  • Smart and automatic pricing
  • Promotion on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)
  • Create Social Media accounts
  • Social Media Account Management
  • Create / Manage Google Business account
  • Website creation with Booking Form & Booking Engine

Optional Airbnb Listing Services

  • Optimisation of an existing entry
  • Smart and Automatic Pricing
  • Management of Listing
  • Communication with prospective guests
  • Guests Evaluation
  • Booking Agreement
  • Reservation Management
  • Inform owner
  • Managing services for guests
  • Managing services for owners
Κατασκευή σελίδας Airbnb


Accounting Services

  • Registration of the property in the AADE Register* (Greece)
  • Sending Reservation data to the Accountant
  • Registration of Reservation data on taxisnet (Greece)


Corporate Identity, Digital Marketing

We create with you your corporate identity and create for you a unique image for your customers. A brand is certainly not complete with a logo. However, with it it begins. A well-crafted professional logo contains the right foundations on which to build a complete and solid corporate branding.

  • Creation of Corporate Identity & Logo
  • Personalized Guest Gifts
  • Visitor Welcome Basket
  • Website Construction
  • Digital Marketing
Website Construction Portfolio
martrona Cave Houses Santorini
Apleton Beach House
Zacharias Seaside Studio

We work with the largest property rental platforms, in order to promote your property on a global scale with the greatest impact

Each platform is used by different audiences and each country has its own preference about which platform its people use. It is therefore very important to make good use of many different media depending on the specifics of your property.


Airbnb and are competing with each other to see who will be the leader in the property rental space. A particularly strong demographic for Airbnb is the young American traveler, a group that has a strong preference for booking entire homes and tends to book at the last minute: as little as two weeks in advance, and more than a few times they wait until they arrive at the destination to find accommodation.

Κατασκευή σελίδας Airbnb is the third largest e-commerce site in the world and has been the leader in the property rental category. It now competes with Airbnb and both sites hover around six million listings. It has a particularly strong presence in the European market.

TripAdvisor is a website that is particularly well known for collecting comments and reviews from the community. It has more than 630 million reviews and opinions, which the company leverages with its awards, such as the annual Certificate of Excellence and Travelers’ Choice.

Διαχείριση Vrbo Homeaway

Both platforms are owned by the same company, but operate independently. Vrbo tends to be used more by users located in the US, Mexico and Canada, while HomeAway has more active users in Europe, India and Australia.

Κατασκευή σελίδας Expedia
Διαχείριση Expedia

Expedia’s network includes many travel agencies, mainly in the Americas, and independent booking networks.

We are constantly examining trends and reviewing data.
We may work with other platforms if we think it is important for a property or if the market has highlighted something new and promising.

Maximize the occupancy and profit of your accommodation!

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